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A Home for Four Soon-to-Be Displaced Orphans and Their Widowed Caretaker

Location: Mozambique

It's clear from a multitude of Bible verses (i.e. Isaiah 1:17 & James 1:27) that our Heavenly Father cares greatly for widows and orphans, and as His children, we are to plead their cause and supply for their needs.

Four of the orphan children we support in Mozambique and a widow who is the grandmother of some of these children are in DESPERATE need of a home. The children, three boys and one girl, range in age from 9 to 16. The five of them have been living together in this small mud hut, a property that is actually owned by someone else. That person has decided that they want this family to move so that they can do as they wish with their land. We don't know how much time we will have before they will be displaced.

We URGENTLY need to find land, purchase it, and build a house for this family. This will take some time to do. We estimate needing approximately $12,000 to acquire the land and build the home as outlined below. This home would be Hope of a Nation's property and allow us to not only care for this widowed grandmother and these four children but would give us enough room to possibly bring two more orphan children into the home at a later date. In the event they are displaced before we can find the land and build the home, we will have to look at finding some sort of temporary rental.

Based on our estimates, this fundraiser should cover:

  • the purchase of the land to build the house on
  • the construction of a 4-bedroom concrete block house with a concrete floor and corrugated fiberglass roof
  • 2-bathrooms outfitted with a shower, sink, toilet, and plumbing features
  • a lockable wooden front door and wooden interior doors
  • glass windows with security bars
  • a living area
  • a kitchen area that would give a place to prepare food to be cooked outside on open fire as they do now

This project will be done in stages. Separate fundraisers will be initiated to supply basic furniture like a sofa, a wooden table with chairs, and bunk bed frames for the bedrooms. Additional fundraisers may also be needed for supplying electricity and running water through either a city connection or building a well with a home water tower. Initially, the kitchen would not have appliances and would mainly be a prep area, but in time additional fundraisers would be done to provide a refrigerator and indoor kitchen appliances, something this family has never had.





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