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Current Urgent Need

Help Us Start a Farm to Feed Children & Teach Farming Techniques

A self-sustainable farm is an integral part of the overall vision for Hope of a Nation. We have purchased land to lay the foundation for this farm in Dondo, Mozambique. This campaign is for Phase I of development.





What We Do

The heart of our mission is to build relationships, lead others to a knowledge of their identity in Christ, make disciples, and bring hope to the lost and hurting people of the world.

Missions & Ministry

Missions & Ministry

From Mozambicans ministering in the U.S. to Americans ministering in Mozambique, our missions and ministry programs are a partnership of two very different cultures working cooperatively to encourage each other as we make disciples of all nations.

Children's Services

Children's Services

Of the 12 million children in Mozambique, 1 in 8 are orphans. Many of whom are in the care of neighbors or extended family with many children of their own. We help bring hope to these children and families through food assistance and ministry.

Medical Programs

Medical Programs

Many Mozambicans die of easily treatable illnesses like malaria, due to lack of healthcare access and not being able to afford the most basic treatments. Our mobile medical outreaches allow us to offer a much-needed service while also sharing the love of Jesus.

Latest News & Updates

By Susan Collmorgen Feb 4, 2023

Meet Our Newest Student, Nelson Charles!

This year we began supporting the higher education of another student, Nelson Charles. Nelson is 30 years old and lives with his beautiful wife and three precious daughters in Dondo, located in central Mozambique.

By Susan Collmorgen Jan 16, 2023

When Kindness Overcomes Shame

Have you ever known someone who needed help with a problem, but fear or shame prevented them from seeking the help they so desperately needed? Many individuals in Mozambique suffer this dilemma, especially when it comes to the stigma associated with HIV. The fact that many health personnel do not adhere to patient privacy and confidentiality standards makes it even more difficult for individuals to be willing to seek treatment.

By Susan Collmorgen Oct 14, 2022

A Challenging Yet Fruitful Journey

This summer while in Mozambique, you may recall us planning a trip to Nampula, a northern province with a heavy Muslim population. Due to circumstances beyond our control, Jason and I were unable to make that trip personally, but shortly after our return to the U.S. we did send a two-man team to the area.