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By Susan Collmorgen Apr 13, 2024

Jossias Daniel: From Student to Lifesaver

Jossias Daniel’s path has been marked by unwavering determination and remarkable resilience. His journey from orphanhood to medical professional is a testament to the power of education and the resilience of the human spirit.

By Susan Collmorgen Apr 10, 2024

Community Health Education: Empowering Lives, One Lesson at a Time

Tony Gonondo, Children’s Services Director at Hope of a Nation, exemplifies the profound impact of education. Empowered with knowledge, he now drives change, making waves in communities through health education. As a recipient of higher education assistance, Tony’s journey underscores the transformative potential when motivated individuals receive the gift of learning.

By Susan Collmorgen Apr 2, 2024

Meeting Critical Needs For Those Who Need Them Most

Hope of a Nation recently assisted the Siloam Mountain Junior School in rural Uganda by meeting some critical supply needs for the 618 orphans they board and educate.

By Susan Collmorgen Mar 23, 2024

We're Returning to Mozambique This Summer and Visiting Uganda and Zambia Also!

This summer, Jason and I plan to return to Mozambique. We have exciting things in store for this trip! We'll be ministering and working with our Mozambican team to plan, strategize, teach, team build, and much more. Jason will even be visiting Uganda, and we'll both journey to Zambia as well.

By Susan Collmorgen Mar 12, 2024

Laborers in the Harvest & a Multitude of Children

We’ve invited this wonderful couple, Anthony & Valerie Rabak, to become a part of Hope of a Nation’s team. The Rabaks will be assisting us in a volunteer capacity on special projects, and we couldn’t be more excited! Now, their efforts in Uganda will be part of Hope of a Nation’s work as well.

By Susan Collmorgen Jan 25, 2024

An Exciting New Crop Loaded with Essential Nutrients

Last month, our farm manager told us about a new crop he wanted to plant this year. It’s called a pigeon pea. Jason and I had never heard of this variety of pea before, so we researched it, and we were amazed at what we discovered!

By Susan Collmorgen Dec 18, 2023

Community Health Education

Many people in Mozambique die of illnesses and diseases that are easily preventable and treatable. One of our goals is to help empower communities with knowledge on how to prevent these deaths from occurring.

By Susan Collmorgen Nov 10, 2023

Progress Update on Our Chicken Project

An exciting update about the status of our new chicken project and our teaching partnership with Young Africa in Dondo, Mozambique.

By Susan Collmorgen Oct 3, 2023

Congratulations, Vladimir!

Our Medical Director, Dr. Vladimir John, has been selected by the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease to attend and present his medical research findings...

By Susan Collmorgen Oct 3, 2023

Farm Update

This quick farm update includes an exciting new partnership with the Sofala Department of Agriculture as well as a report of forward momentum regarding our partnership with Young Africa.

Some of Our Partnering Organizations
Working Together to Change Lives
Grace Community Assembly in Branson, Missouri Jubilee Worship Center in Harrison, Arkansas Caring for Orphans Mozambique in Temecula, California Hope House Children's Homes in Reeds Spring, Missouri Siloam Mountain Jr School in Uganda, Africa Young Africa in Mozambique, Africa Sofala Department of Agriculture