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By Susan Collmorgen Nov 10, 2023

Progress Update on Our Chicken Project

An exciting update about the status of our new chicken project and our teaching partnership with Young Africa in Dondo, Mozambique.

By Susan Collmorgen Oct 3, 2023

Congratulations, Vladimir!

Our Medical Director, Dr. Vladimir John, has been selected by the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease to attend and present his medical research findings...

By Susan Collmorgen Oct 3, 2023

Farm Update

This quick farm update includes an exciting new partnership with the Sofala Department of Agriculture as well as a report of forward momentum regarding our partnership with Young Africa.

By Susan Collmorgen Oct 3, 2023

An Urgent Prayer Request

This precious baby boy is in need of prayer. At almost 7-months old, he is unable to hold up his head, sit up, or crawl, a result of a condition called kernicterus. We are believing in faith for complete healing and restoration. We serve a mighty God who still works miracles! Please pray with us for healing!

By Susan Collmorgen Aug 10, 2023

An Exciting New Partnership That Advances Our Farm & Mission

Often times, we get a glimpse of God’s plan for something, but He doesn’t always let us know how His plan is going to come about… that is until it’s His timing for us to know. Since purchasing the land for our farm last August, many pieces of the vision have been coming together.

By Susan Collmorgen Feb 4, 2023

Meet Our Newest Student, Nelson Charles!

This year we began supporting the higher education of another student, Nelson Charles. Nelson is 30 years old and lives with his beautiful wife and three precious daughters in Dondo, located in central Mozambique.

By Susan Collmorgen Jan 16, 2023

When Kindness Overcomes Shame

Have you ever known someone who needed help with a problem, but fear or shame prevented them from seeking the help they so desperately needed? Many individuals in Mozambique suffer this dilemma, especially when it comes to the stigma associated with HIV. The fact that many health personnel do not adhere to patient privacy and confidentiality standards makes it even more difficult for individuals to be willing to seek treatment.

By Susan Collmorgen Oct 14, 2022

A Challenging Yet Fruitful Journey

This summer while in Mozambique, you may recall us planning a trip to Nampula, a northern province with a heavy Muslim population. Due to circumstances beyond our control, Jason and I were unable to make that trip personally, but shortly after our return to the U.S. we did send a two-man team to the area.

By Susan Collmorgen Aug 30, 2022

To Have the Heart of a Child

On July 31st, during our last Sunday service in Mozambique, we were attending one of the churches planted years ago by Pastor Abel Faz-Ver, our Mozambican Operations Director. This was also the church he currently leads as pastor. Jason had finished speaking, and they were taking the time to do some more corporate worship when Abel called up a young boy to the podium.

By Susan Collmorgen Aug 24, 2022

A Fruitful Time in Mozambique

Hope of a Nation Executive Directors Jason and Susan Collmorgen returned to Mozambique in May for a visit that lasted just under 3 months. It was a productive time in which many things were accomplished.

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